Roofing for Energy Savings

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Is there a way I can use my roofing as a way to save energy?

Roofing for Energy Savings

The roofing of your home can be a means to harness and use energy, absorb heat, and reflect heat. To use your roofing for energy savings, consider these methods to introduce energy efficiency.

• Add photovoltaic cells to your roof to convert the sun's energy into electricity. The initial costs for installation of a system are high, but you'll realize cost savings in the long term by using a renewable energy source.

• Use specific building materials as a means of using roofing for energy savings. By using cool roofing, you can reflect heat normally absorbed through the roof.

You'll benefit by savings in air conditioning bills and keeping your neighborhood heat down.



3/4/2007 4:00:12 AM
Todd Miller said:

Many metal roofing manufacturers are now using special reflective pigments in the finihses on their products. Even in dark colors, these products reflect a greta deal of radiant heat to keep attics cooler in the summer and reduce a/c costs.


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