Earth-Friendly Day Trips

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Earth-Friendly Day Trips

If you have a long weekend or are just itching for someplace to go on a sunny Saturday, you may want to load the family in the car and go on a day trip. But even though you're only traveling for the day doesn't mean that you can't be environmentally conscious. Choose a day trip that is earth-friendly as well as fun.

Some considerations:

• Avoid driving long distances for your day-trips; pick something closer to home. You use less gas and produce less pollution.
• Consider activities that are green; instead of going shopping, go hiking or biking.
• When hiking, biking, swimming, or doing other outdoor activities, leave only footprints: make sure to dispose of picnic waste in trash bins, and don't take souvenirs from nature.
• Consider a day-trip that will actually help the environment. Participate in a clean-up effort at a local park or along a stretch of highway.
• If you're going to eat on your trip, take your own food in a cooler and reusable containers. Fast food generates a lot of trash – especially if you're feeding a family.
• Never toss garbage out the window of your car – it's not only bad for the environment, but in most states you can be ticketed and fined!



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u rock! I realy enjoy your tips. My class is making a green newsletter on recycled paper we need info!


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