Green Gift Ideas That Are Good For The Environment

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What are some ideas for green wedding gifts?

Green Gift Ideas That Are Good For The Environment

Green weddings are those that consider the impact of the celebration on the environment as well as society. Whether you're attending a green wedding or would just like to find some green gift ideas for an environmentally conscious couple, there are plenty of appropriate choices.Here are our picks for three green gift ideas:

  1. Rather than giving a physical gift, try giving the gift of a healthier environment. You can purchase carbon offsets from non-profits such as CarbonFund and LiveNeutral. The funds you spend on carbon offsets will be put to use on projects that reduce the level of carbon emissions in our environment.
  2. Make an environmental donation to charity in the name of the wedding couple. For instance, you can have trees planted as part of a reforestation program through the Green Guide Nursery Forest.
  3. Give green wedding gifts that help to create a greener lifestyle. For instance, set the newlyweds up with a green home consultant who can draw up a plan for a green household, including ideas for stocking their kitchen with organic foods and choosing personal care products.



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Nice gift ideas definitely useful to everyone who are looking for gift ideas. Thanks for the post.


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