Wind Power.

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How does wind power work?

Wind Power.

Wind power is one of the oldest forms of electricity generation known to man. As early as 200 B.C. wind power was being used by the Persians to grind their grains and has been the fastest growing segment of renewable energy sources in the United States since 1990. Wind power is the conversion of wind into electricity. Wind is converted into electricity when the blades of a windmill begin to spin which causes the shaft of the windmill to spin. This shaft is connected to a generator which has a wind turbine in it that converts energy to electricity. The electricity is then sent through transmission and distribution lines to a substation and then on to its destination.

There are numerous wind farms throughout the United States currently and more being built. Wind power can help reduce or even eliminate ones current electricity usage, however it takes more than one windmill to accomplish this task. Wind power is a clean, renewable energy source. When considering renewable energy sources sometimes using two renewable sources together, such as wind power and solar panels, these can provide the greatest satisfaction. As with solar energy, wind energy can be sold back to electrical companies. Wind power is great for windy locations, or as an alternative to solar panels where it is not sunny, however it is important to remember that if you are in a location where you seldom get wind this would not be a good option for you. Today, many large utility companies and manufacturing plants are putting up large wind farms, which is great news for consumers. Someday soon, using wind power will not mean having a wind farm on your property.



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