Choose an environmentally friendly camping mattress.

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How do I choose an environmentally friendly camping mattress?

Choose an environmentally friendly camping mattress.

Camping is a great way to travel in an eco-friendly fashion, so it just makes sense to choose camping gear that is environmentally friendly. Many companies are making environmentally friendly camping mattresses to meet the growing consumer demands for green products. When choosing an environmentally friendly camping mattress look for one made out of natural material such as bamboo. Before buying your new mattress find out if the company plants new trees in place of the ones they use to make the mattresses, or uses other environmentally friendly practices such as wind or solar power to help offset their CO2 emissions. Many of the green camping mattresses on the market today are considered to be carbon neutral because of the how the manufacturer helps offset their CO2 emissions by using renewable resources. It is important to look at the processing of the mattress as well. Environmentally friendly mattresses should be minimally processed and chemical free. Most sustainable mattresses will be free of dyes. If you find one that is dyed look to see if it was dyed using natural plant materials such as leaves, flowers, nuts or berries. When other non-renewable material such as metal is used on the mattress or the bag, find out if it is recycled. Don't stop at just the mattress; look at the packaging and the sack that holds the mattress as well. The cords and packaging materials should be made of renewable materials as well if you want the most environmental friendly product possible.



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