Energy Conservation Act

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What is the energy conservation act?

Energy Conservation Act

The energy conservation act of 2005 was designed to promote dependable, affordable and environmentally sound energy production and distribution. The energy conservation act has six main points. The first one is to promote residential efficiency. Because technology offers the option of a “zero-energy” home, bills would be introduced that allowed consumers tax credits for making their homes more energy efficient. The second point was to encourage companies to make appliances and commercial products more energy efficient. The third point of the energy conservation act was to reduce the federal government energy usage since they are the largest user of energy. A part of this included the reauthorization of the Energy Savings Performance Contract program. This program allows private contractors to help Federal agencies improve their energy efficiency. The fourth part of the program calls for modernizing the domestic energy infrastructure, which will reduce the risk of large-scale blackouts and minimize transmission bottlenecks and replace old infrastructures with new, updated infrastructures. The fifth part of the program will promote the use of renewable energy sources. Tax credits will be offered for residential solar systems as well wind and biomass energy. The bill also encourages the use of alternative fuels and promotes research and development of hydrogen technologies. The last point has to do with energy efficient vehicles. In 2006, tax credits were offered to individuals who purchased a vehicle that ran on alternative fuels. The energy conservation act final outcome will be less dependent on foreign energy sources, and fewer greenhouse gas emissions which will create a better environment.



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