Energy Star Home Appliances

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Why buy energy star home appliances?

Energy Star Home Appliances

Energy Star home appliances are the same as or better than the average home appliance. The big difference between appliances with the energy star ratings and ones without is the amount of energy they use. When looking at energy star home appliances it is important to remember that in addition to their initial cost you should also factor in the cost of use over the lifetime of the appliance. Energy star home appliances must meet and exceed strict energy efficiency criteria. This energy efficiency criteria is set forth by both the US Environmental Protection Agency and the US Department of Energy. Energy Star home appliances not only save money on electric bills but they also help the environment because they use less fossil fuels to operate than their traditional counterparts. If the Energy Star rating is not shown on the product it may be energy efficient but not to the same extent as an energy star home appliance which can save up to twenty percent more energy than their energy efficient counterparts. In some cases energy star ratings have saved consumers as much as seventy-five percent on their utility bills once the products were in their homes. In addition to appliances they also have energy star ratings for lighting products, home electronics, home office equipment, new buildings and new homes. The new energy star rated homes are at least fifteen percent more efficient than homes that were built in 2004 using the International Residence Code. The energy star ratings, regardless of what they are on, add up to savings and a greener environment.



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