Organic Clothing

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Why buy organic clothing?

Organic Clothing

Choosing organic clothing does a lot for the environment, not to mention what it does for your personal health. The fabric that organic clothing is made from are fibers that were grown or raised without herbicides, pesticides or other chemicals. Growing fibers or raising fiber animals in this fashion leads to sustainable, earth friendly farming practices. Organic clothing sales are on the increase and have been for several years. Organic clothing manufacturers are striving to make their clothing more fashionable so it appeals to a wider variety of people. Organic clothing is also available in more places from discount department stores to high end clothing stores. One of the problems clothing manufacturers are facing when it comes to mass producing organic clothing is a large supply of organic fabric in a range of colors. Many larger companies are expanding their product line to include organic clothing in order to make their companies more environmentally friendly despite the minor hurdles they are facing. Organic clothing is also healthier to wear. When you consider the chemicals that go into standard fabric production, the chemicals used to color the fabric plus the chemicals that are used to make the fabrics stiff, you begin to understand that this build-up of chemicals used in the manufacturing process of clothing has to go somewhere. Even when the clothing has been washed the chemical residue still remains. While there is no USDA evidence that organic clothing is healthier to wear the fact that many people with chemical sensitivities can wear it as well as the fact that organic clothing is not saturated with chemicals is enough evidence for many people.



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