Organic Makeup

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Why is organic makeup better for your skin?

Organic Makeup

Chemical free skin products are important because an astounding sixty percent of the products we use on our skin are absorbed into it. When the skin absorbs these products they are deposited into our circulatory system and can cause birth defects in unborn children. For the average woman that comes to a total of thirty pounds of ingredients from moisturizers alone over a sixty year time span. Several of the most commonly used ingredients in skin care products are known irritants and carcinogens which are derived synthetically or from petroleum. This is why choosing organic makeup is so important. When choosing organic makeup look at more than just the label. It is important to know what ingredients are in your makeup and where they came from especially since there are close to seventy synthetic products that are approved for use in organic makeup. These products include glycerin which is a moisturizer and xanthan gum which is a thickener. Organic foundation and eye shadow is typically made from minerals while lipstick or lip gloss is made from fruits. It is also important to note if the fragrance comes from essential oils or fragrance oils. Essential oils are derived from plants. Fragrance oils are synthetic and contain chemicals that help retain the smell. These chemicals do not have to be disclosed on labels. When choosing chemical free skin products or organic makeup, knowledge is power. Be informed and know what you are putting on your face and body because it will absorb into your skin and affect your health.



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