Organic Shampoo

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Is organic shampoo really better?

Organic Shampoo

Did you ever wonder what some of the ingredients in your shampoo were? Formaldehyde, a human carcinogen that can cause skin, eye and respiratory irritation can be present in the preservatives DMDM hydantoin, diazolidinyl urea, imidazolidinyl urea, quaternium-15 and Bronopol, ingredients that can be found in conventional shampoos. Polyethylene, PEG compounds which contain polyethylene glycol and polysorbates may become contaminated with 1,4 dioxane which is anticipated to be a human carcinogen and has caused liver cancer in rodents. These are just two of the chemicals that can be found in conventional shampoos. Our bodies absorb what is put on our skin as we age this can lead to the development of sensitive skin. These toxins can also lodge directly in our fat cells because they are applied to the skin and scalp thus bypassing the liver. Organic shampoo is supposed to made with natural and organic ingredients. It is important to note that not all organic shampoos are one hundred percent organic so it is important to read the labels and know what you are buying. When choosing an organic shampoo look for one with no petroleum-based colors or oils. The other option you have is to make your own organic shampoo. If you grow the ingredients yourself you know what has been put on them. If not, look for organic ingredients. Homemade products do not have the shelf life that store bought products do, however you can learn to make just the amount you need. To make homemade shampoo you will need seven ounces of filtered water, one ounce of liquid castile soap or make your own from soap nuts or soapwort and six tablespoons of herbs. You can choose various herbs here but try to choose ones for your hair type. For example, use rosemary for dark hair or try chamomile for light hair. Simmer the herbs in water for ten minutes, strain and then mix the ingredients together and you have a natural, organic homemade shampoo.



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