Organic Baby Care

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How can I care for my baby using organic baby care methods?

Organic Baby Care

Once you know that you are expecting a baby, creating a place for your new baby is one of the first things you will want to do. A natural baby nursery filled with eco friendly baby furniture, organic baby bedding and organic skin care products is a great way to begin. Before bringing your baby home be sure to load up on organic cloth diapers. Cloth diapers help keep disposable ones out of the landfill and can be better for baby's skin because they do not contain the chemicals disposable diapers do. Using organic cloth diapers helps save money as well because you are reusing them instead of tossing them in the trash. Organic baby care is something you will want to discuss with your ob-gyn during your pregnancy and with the baby's pediatrician. Ask if the hospital you will be delivering in offers an option between conventional products and organic products. If not, ask if you can bring your own organic baby skin care products for use on your baby. Also inquire about organic baby formula. If you want to start your baby on organic baby formula this may be something you will have to provide. As your baby begins to grow choosing organic baby food is going to be your next choice. Organic baby food is healthier and does not contain all the chemical toxins conventional baby food does. Parents who choose to use only organic baby products have the peace of mind that their baby is getting the very best products and none of the toxic chemicals found in traditional products that could harm their baby.



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